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Declaration of Consent

I hereby declare that I intend to participate in the “Skiline” system and that I have read and understood both the System Description and the Terms and Conditions of Use. I hereby agree to my personal data, that is, information about me as a person (full name, address, gender, date of birth, user name for www.skiline.cc, command of foreign languages, telephone number and other information required for addressing purposes resulting from modern communication technologies such as, including but not limited to, e‑mail address) and, in the case where I make use of Skiline products (race tracks, fun parks and similar), any data recorded and connected to my profile after having entered my ski pass number (ski pass number, time, place and date of ski lift usage, distances for which the ski lift was used, altitude differences and downhill distances, number of skiing/snowboarding days, speed measurements, video and image recordings during the use of attractions) being electronically stored and processed for the purpose of operating the on-line platform at www.skiline.cc. I am aware of the fact that I am only required to indicate the full name, user name, e‑mail address, date of birth, country of origin and the ski pass number and that any additional information is provided on an entirely voluntary basis.

In addition, I agree that – with the exception of recorded image and speed data – any and all of the personal data referred to above may be used by the Skiline system operator or the cable car operator whose ski pass I entered and/or registered with Skiline (that is, Alturos Destinations GmbH, Lakeside B03, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria) for the purpose of sending additional information by letter or by e‑mail.

Your consent to any information provided by you and any information from the ski lift control system being processed by electronic means, to e‑mails being delivered to you and to the relevant information, including contact information (full name and e‑mail address), being transferred to and used by the competent cable car operator whose ski pass you entered and/or registered with Skiline and being used for www.skiline.cc services shall be required for any and all of our services being actually rendered to you.

I am aware of the fact that I have the right, at any time, to object to information being delivered to me by e‑mail or my name being indicated in ranking lists or video recordings by accordingly structuring information about me on the electronic system. I also know that I may terminate my participation in Skiline, at any time, by making the relevant entries on the internet at http://www.skiline.cc or by sending an e‑mail to support@skiline.cc. In this case, my data will be deleted from the system and such deletion will also be communicated to the cable car operators involved.

Terms of use

Skiline is a free service provided by Alturos Destinations GmbH, Lakeside B03, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria, for ambitious skiers.

Skiline is an internet portal that has to be accessed via webbrowser, Skiline Terminals, Photopoints or other installations from Skiline. The functions offered by Skiline are detailed at www.skiline.cc.

Prior to the provision of any of our services, we require your consent to electronically process the information entered by you as well as information deriving from control systems within the ski lift system, to send you emails and disseminate this information including forwarding your contact details (name and e-mail address) to the respective mountain railway company, the ski pass of which you register with Skiline and to use the information for the services of skiline.cc.

As this service is offered free of charge, we can neither guarantee the functionality nor the permanent availability of the devices and the service and we cannot assume any liability for damage resulting from the use of the system.

We would like to point out that in your own interest you must keep passwords secret and notify us for instance by email (support@skiline.cc), in the case of loss or suspected unauthorized use of a password. zu machen.