Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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1. I have already registered for, why can`t I login?
Did you click the activation link when you got your confirmation mail? Username as well as password are case sensitive. Quite frequently letters like the lower case I or L are confused with the number 1. It`s probably best to enter your password, using the "copy & paste" function, and to modify it manually later. In rare cases you might run into technical problems. If they keep persisting, please contact us per mail to
2. What can I do if I didn`t get any confirmation email?
The top reasons for emails not being delivered/received are:
  • Typing errors in the email address.
  • Your postbox is full and this makes it impossible for you to receive additional mails.
  • The mails were sorted out by your spam filter and categorized as spam or junk. Try looking for our email in your junk mail folder.
3. I`d like to log on multiple family members to skiline, but I´ve got only one email address. What can I do?
We regret that it is impossible to create multiple Skiline - accounts for one mail address. Each account requires a separate mail address. However, there are many possibilities to register for a free mail address. Get inspired here:
4. I have forgotten my password, how can I request a new one?
Once you are a registered user and you have forgotten your password for, you can request a new password at
5. I was blocked by the system, how can I unblock?
For security reasons users, who enter a wrong password ten times in a row, are blocked for a limited period of time of ten minutes. Please contact us, if your login remains unsuccessful after the indicated time period.


1. Where do I find the number of my ski ticket?
Usually the skiticket number is to be found on the printed front page of your skiticket. It is made up of 4 digits separated by "-". The first number is generally preceded by a * (NOT to be entered)
2. How can I delete a ski ticket?
If you want to delete your skiticket, this is the way to proceed:
  • Log into your Skiline account (username/password).
  • Browse the main menu and go to "My Page".
  • A list of your ski passes will show up e.g."ski resort, from December 22 2010 until January 15 2011", "25-182-12-58123 - 15 skiing days, 127 lift rides, 46978 altitude meters, 251544 meters on the slope - if you move the mouse over one individual icon of the skipass, a choice of two buttons pops up: "update" or "delete".
  • Now click "delete" and all skiing days of the selected skiticket will be deleted.
3. How can I delete one single day of skiing?
If you want to delete your skiticket, this is the way to proceed:
  • Log into your Skiline account (username/password).
  • Browse the main menu and go to "My Page".
  • A list of your ski passes will show.
  • Now click "delete" button (the X) on the right side of the skiing day you want to delete.
4. How can I enter last season`s ski ticket?
We regret that it is not possible to enter skiing days of the previous season. The possibility to enter skitickets has to be limited to the current season for administrative reasons, as each skipass holds a serial number out of a fixed set of numbers that keeps recurring every year.
5. How often do I have to enter my ski ticket?
One skiticket has to be entered only once. Just add missing skiing days and keep your statistics up to date by clicking "update".
6. How can I update my ski ticket (add skiing days to my ticket)?
If you want to update your skiticket, follow the indicated steps:
  • Log into your Skiline account (username/password).
  • A list of your skitickets will show up e.g. "ski resort, from December 22 2010 until January 15 2011", "25-182-12-58123 - 15 skiing days, 127 lift rides, 46978 altitude meters, 251544 meters on the slope". On the left side of the skipass you will find two Buttons: One Icon for updating your skipass (two arrows) and one icon for deleting your skipass (X).
  • Now click "update" to update all skiing days of the selected skiticket.
7. My ski ticket doesn`t show any skiing days or some lift rides are missing. How do I access the missing data?
Similar problems can occur due to connection failure between the reader and the database and lie beyond our sphere of influence. Your missing rides will be added to your account as soon as the connection works again, and you refresh your skiticket by clicking "reload".
8. Can lift rides be added manually?
In some cases it can happen that throughout one entire day of skiing you may have used lifts that haven`t got readers. Here we have created the possibility to manually add these lifts to your skiing day. You can access this function below your skiline under "additional lifts". Manual adding of lifts and rides is pretty much like keeping a diary and doesn`t influence your daily statistics.

Top 100

1. How can I register for the TOP 100 list?
It is in actual fact impossible to sign up for the TOP 100 list. Ranking is automatic for those who get the best score of meters of height. TOP 100 lists are being recalculated at least once a day.
2. When is the TOP 100 list being updated?
TOP 100 lists are being recalculated once a day in the morning.
3. For which skiing regions are TOP 100 lists available?
You can find TOP 100 lists in all ski resorts that do not offer PromoRaces (competitions).
4. Is it possible to win a price being listed among the TOP 100?
Top 100 lists offer performance comparison - it`s all about fame and glory.


1. How can I register for competitions?
Competitions (PromoRaces) add to the adventure of your skiing day. You can compete with other skiliners and qualify to win great prices. Get a survey of the competitions that are on right now by registering with Click the button "Competitions" on your personal page. Choose the competition that appeals to you most and that takes place in your ski resort. Please click on the name of the competition for detailed information. The possibility to sign up for a competition can be found right there.
2. Why was I disqualified from the competition?
If you have entered two or more skitickets (different numbers of skitickets) on one day or you have overlapping lift rides in different ski resorts on one day, you cannot take part in the competitions. This rule is supposed to establish an atmosphere of fairness among competitors. This doesn`t concern statistics and height meter profiles.
3. Why does my name not show up in the ranking?
To show up in the ranking you have to meet the following requirements:
  • You have to be registered for participation at the competition (please mind the deadlines as well as start and end times of the competition).
  • You must have entered your skiticket and there must be skiing days on your skiticket.
  • You were not disqualified by the system automatically for having entered multiple skitickets for one day.
  • You have waited for the outcome of the recent calculation of the ranking (is done daily in the morning).
  • You were not disqualified by the administration of the competition.
4. When are the rank lists being compiled?
Rankings of competitions are being calculated - same like TOP 100 lists - daily in the morning.
5. I am the winner of a competition. How do I claim my price?
Once the competition is over, the rankings are being checked by the Competition Executive Committee and the list of winners is being passed on to the sponsor of the competition, who contacts the winners.


1. How do I deactivate email notifications and newsletters?
You can deactivate your email notifications in your profile settings. To get there please log in at your account. Choose the box "My Account" - "Edit Profile" in the right upper corner. While editing your email notifications you can also determine, how often you want to receive notifications by Skiline. Don`t forget to save the changes.
2. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
There are two ways to cancel your subscription to our newsletter:
  • Either, follow the deregistration link,
  • or alternatively log in to with your user data and deactivate the newsletter in your user settings.
3. What is the difference between an email notification and a newsletter?
You will get newsfeeds whenever there are any recent events to be shared among you and your friends: e.g. one of your friends has been out skiing, there may be a new Skimovie waiting for you or it`s the birthday of one of your friends. Newsletters are being sent to you on behalf of various sponsors, who create the opportunity to use the Skiline services for free and to win great prices in the competitions.


1. What to do if I cannot find my ski resort on
It would be a great help if you contacted the skiresort by mail to tell them that you`d appreciate it if they offered an evaluation system. It would be safest if you kept a copy of your skiticket number, just in case it was going to be possible to upload your data at the beginning of the next skiing season.
2. Some of the data concerning ski resorts (lifts, meters of height) are not correct. What can I do?
It is our goal to regularly update and maintain our data concerning ski resorts. In case you should discover any irregularities or mistakes, don`t hesitate to contact us per email at and we`ll get back to your concern as soon as possible.
3. For which ski resorts is Skiline available?
You can find out by visiting if you want to know whether Skiline is available for your ski resort. Use the link "Ski resorts" or refer to for a list of all Skiline skiing regions currently available.
4. How can I download information about my current meters of height right from my ski resort?
In some ski resorts you can find terminals at the counters where you can access and print out all data concerning your skiing day. By downloading and installing your Skiline iPhone App or Android version you can use Skiline on your mobile devices, too.


1. How do I produce a Skimovie?
To be able to produce your Skimovie you have to meet the following requirements:
  • It is only possible to pass the Skimovie turnstile, if evidently no other skier is using the starting section or the race track at that time.
  • As soon as you will have passed the turnstile you have got 30 seconds to start your race - the timing and the recording starts automatically. If you don`t manage to start within the before mentioned timeframe, the recording will stop automatically.
  • In order for your Skimovie to be recorded to the end, you have to manage to run the set out race track without taking a fall and you have to trigger the timing function in the goal section (light barrier).
  • Only one participant is allowed on the racing track at one time. If another person should enter the track during your race, the recording is interrupted.
  • 5. Strong wind and rain can cause problems with the recording function.
2. In which ski resorts do I find Skimovie skiing tracks?
You can find out more about the currently available Skimovie-tracks at various ski resorts by visiting - Use the link "Skimovie locations" from the Skiline starting page to get a list of all racing tracks.
3. Where and how do I find my Skimovie?
To look at your Skimovie you have to register with . After entering your skiticket you will get access to your Skimovie. This can take a few minutes (depending on traffic). By pressing the button "Skimovies" you get to see an overview of the Skimovies made by you. You can play your movie using the browser, share it with your friends or download a high resolution version of it.
4. Why should I share my Skimovie?
Sharing a Skimovie can offer multiple advantages: your friends get to view your Skimovie and you can participate at various Skimovie competitions and qualify to win great prices.
5. How can I share my Skimovie?
First choose the Skimovie you want to publish. Find the menu option "Publish movie to" right below the movie. Here you can determine for every individual Skimovie, who you want to share it with
  • everybody: all Skiline users can see your Skimovie, if you send a link to it per email. To qualify for participation in competitions you have to choose this option.
  • my friends: your Skiline friends can view the video on visiting your profile.
  • just me: nobody except you can view your Skimovie.
In case your Skimovie was not selected for publication in the process of reviewing and editing, it cannot be published.
6. Why is my Skimovie not available?
There can be the following reasons:
  • You haven`t retrieved your Skimovie yet: enter the skiticket you have used at the Skimovie turnstile at or update your skiticket (your skiing days).
  • The automated recording process was malfunctioning due to a technical problem: e.g. bad weather, another person on the track, you didn`t manage to start fast enough or the timing function wasn`t triggered.
  • The corresponding Web-Video version of your Skimovie isn`t yet available. Try retrieving your movie once more two or three days later (by updating your skipass).
7. How can I get rankings with my Skimovie?
To be able to qualify for the competitions (PromoRaces) you have to publish your Skimovie (see "How do I share my ski movie").
8. Why was my Skimovie disqualified?
In timed Skimovie competitions all set up gates have to be passed successfully. Shortcuts and missed gates are not allowed. Skimovies displaying inconsistent recording of the protagonist can be disqualified from the competition even afterwards and don`t get to enter the ranking.
9. Why can I not download (save) my Skimovie ?
In order to make your Skimovie available for download a high resolution video-version of your ride is being configured. Depending on user traffic this can take in between two and three days. Find the panel "download ski movie" next to your ski movie and save a copy of your ride in wmv-format on your hard disk.

iPhone App

1. How do I log onto my Skiline iPhone App?
Once your Skiline App has started you are automatically redirected to enter your Skiline - username and password. Enter your access data and choose "log in".
2. How do I find my skiline - username?
To find out your Skiline username you have to be registered with Skiline. Register with your email and your Skiline-password at , choose "My Account" and "Edit Profile". Find your username (which you can modify any time) in your profile information.
3. I forgot my access data, how can I request new access data?
Once you are registered at Skiline and you have forgotten your password you can request a new one at
4. What can I do if my Skiline iPhone App cannot connect to the server?
Check the availability of network connectivity on your iPhone and try to access any random website taking advantage of the integrated Safari-Browser (e.g. ). If the site takes really long to load there may be connectivity problems. This can happen occasionally in locations like mountaintops or side valleys. If the website should be temporarily unavailable it is likewise impossible for the Skiline iPhone App to connect to Skiline. If this happens, please try again later.
5. How can I add a new skiticket?
Start your Skiline iPhone App, enter your access data (if you haven`t done that already) and choose the entry "Skitickets" from the menu. With the plus symbol (+) you can add new skitickets. At first you have to select the ski resort of your choice. You can select ski resorts nearby or choose the desired destination from a list. Subsequently please enter the number of your skiticket as displayed. Then your skiing days are being loaded. In the daily summary you can access specific information and your height meter profile.
6. How can I update an existing skiticket?
If your ski ticket has been entered already it is possible to add missing days/ski lifts by way of the Skiline iPhone App. To get there start your Skiline iPhone App, choose "Skipasses" from the menu. If you have entered yours already, it should show up in the list. By clicking "update" on the system tray icon (round arrow) the data of your skiticket is being updated.
7. Why does the Skiline iPhone App not find any Skimovies?
In order to watch your Skimovies on your iPhone they have to be available in a particular mobile movie version. This feature can be applied to Skimovies that were recorded starting from the 2010/11 season.
8. How can I retrieve detailed information about skiline - ski resorts?
For detailed information about the ski resort download the free App iSki Austria (iSki Swiss, iSki Germany, etc.). By choosing the entry "Ski resorts" you get a list of all Skiline ski resorts. By choosing only one particular resort, the iSki App will supply you with detailed information about your point of interest.
9. How can I log out of my Skiline iPhone App?
If you want to log out of your Skiline iPhone App, choose the option "Account" from the menu and press the button "log out".

Change user data

1. How can I change the email contact information I entered?
In order to modify your mail address you have to be registered at Skiline. Log in at with your mail ID/username and your Skiline - password, click " My account" and "Edit profile". Find your mail address in your profile and change it. Changes can be saved only if you have entered your country of origin and your ZIP/postcode.
2. How do I change my user name?
Among the settings for your profile you will find your username. It is possible to modify the username any time. It should consist of at least three characters. Changes will only be saved if you have entered your country of origin and your ZIP/ post code.
3. How do I change an existing password?
Log into with your user data. After successful login go to the button "My account" and proceed to "Change password".
4. How can I delete my Skiline account?
It is possible to deactivate an already existing account at . Follow these steps: log in with your username at Click the button "Your page" and "Info". Right underneath your profile picture you will find the link "Delete account". ATTENTION: Once an account has been deleted, this process cannot be reversed and it is impossible to recover your account!
5. Can I control, which information I share with others?
Of course it is up to you, to decide which information to share with other Skiline users. Edit your privacy settings by selecting the button "My account" and go to "Privacy settings". There you can attribute various options of visibility to your profile information such as "Just me", "My friends" or "Everybody". The settings are imported automatically.

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