Montserrat is the most representative mountain of Catalonia and, in fact, thanks to its surprising characteristics, it has become one of the Catalan symbols. Its peculiar morphology, its natural park and its millenary tradition make it an incomparable reference point for millions of visitors from all over the world.

Montserrat is unique and incomparable. The Montserrat massif is unique and incomparable. Its rounded peaks, known as "needles", are the most characteristic and spectacular feature of the mountain range. The highest peak of Montserrat Mountain is the peak of Sant Jeroni (1,236 m), from where you can admire a wonderful panoramic view from the Pyrenees to the sea and, on clear days, you can even see the island of Mallorca.
The fauna of the Park is also very varied. As for the Park's fauna, today you can find typical Mediterranean species that coexist, in certain areas of the mountain range, with some of Central European tendency. As for the flora, the mountain of Montserrat is rich, above all, in holm oak groves and, in addition, there are some populations of deciduous trees (such as oak and yew trees). This magnificent mountain and its Sanctuary are full of history, legend and millenary culture. The Monastery of Montserrat is located in an incomparable natural environment that turns the mountain into a small paradise, ideal to enjoy nature and its surroundings, to explore its corners and its peculiar landscapes. Just 50 km from Barcelona, all those who want to visit Montserrat will discover a unique and incomparable place. Much more than just a mountain, its characteristics have made it an emblematic place in Catalonia. In Montserrat you can breathe the spirituality of the Sanctuary and the art offered by the Museum. In addition, among the different activities that can be carried out, the hiking routes and itineraries are particularly noteworthy, routes that show the richness of the mountain's hermitage heritage. However, you can also go climbing and enjoy the extraordinary views of the high mountains.

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