The 10 Skiline Commandments

Thou shalt register

Every skier or snowboarder can register online at When opening an account, the prospective Skiliner must fill out all fields of the registration form correctly, completely and truthfully. It is important that every Skiliner have his or her own valid email address, to which only they have access. After filling out the registration form, the Skiliner must click on the link, which is forwarded by the system via email, in order to complete registration and activate the account.

Thou shalt share thy joy

A Skiliner can use all Skiline services free of charge, but has no legal right to any benefits that are provided by By registering, the Skiliner has agreed to receive emails for advertising purposes. The Skiliner can indeed enter ski passes from friends and relatives into his or her account, but never for cheating. It is preferred that the Skiliner enlists friends and relatives to become new Skiline members and create their own accounts with their own email addresses.

Thou shalt respect the mountain

The Skiliner will act in accordance with FIS regulations, show respect to all mountain employees and not relieve himself in the snow, even if he loses valuable minutes searching for a toilet. Take a break if necessary, and respect and protect the environment by being mindful when throwing away garbage.

Thou shalt mind thy fellow Skiliners and skiers

The Skiliner will always collect vertical meters fairly and earnestly, but this must never involve any risk to yourself or others. Vertical meters are rightfully earned when you correctly line up at the lift, go through the turnstile with your ski pass, scale the mountain with the lift and ski from the exit point of the lift to the entrance of the same lift or the next lift – and under your own power on skis, snowboard or similar means of snow travel, which is not driven by electricity or fuel, but rather by human muscle.

Thou shalt not cheat

The Skiliner does not cheat. Under no circumstances, no matter how enticing it may be – the Skiline community always tirelessly uncovers everything anyway. To show proof of your activity and exclude cases of fraud, please always keep all of your ski passes when you take part in competitions. If a Skiliner in competition, or elsewhere, discovers a flaw, a mistake or possible fraud, he should immediately report this per email with a detailed description of the situation to – include information about the ski resort, ski lifts and date. Note: you should never boast of others' Skilines and you should also never take credit for the Skilines of others.

Thou shalt be ambitious

The Skiliner will enthusiastically use Fotopoints, Speedchecks and Skimovie equipment. He waits for the equipment calmly until it is his turn. He doesn't jostle anyone, encroach or provoke others. With Speedchecks and Skimovie equipment, he activates the timers himself at the turnstile, changes to predetermined trails and skis through the photo sensors on target. If everything goes well, he receives his video. Film production can also be affected by bad weather or a fall.

Thou shalt have fun

The ardent Skiliner is always intent on the growth of the community. Therefore, he always makes a good impression and recruits new Skiline users – even by means of bribery, if necessary. Furthermore, he compares and discusses the printed Skilines with other Skiliners at Après-Ski, and boasts of his activity.

Thou shalt be immortalized

Sport is activity and activity is measurable. So why not brag about it? Make your Skimovies public on, use diverse online communities to announce your Skilines, Skimovies, Speedcheck photos or Skitage (Ski days) and inform your friends about competitions you participate in. At any rate, you can be proud of yourself – and everyone should know that.

Thou shalt visit Skiline regularly

Skiline offers you many possibilities to use all services regularly. Use your computer at home, apps for iPhone and Android, our mobile site for smartphones and the Skiline Terminal direct on location at the ski resort, where you can print out your Skiline immediately and take it with you.

Thou shalt proudly carry the Skiline name into the world

The passionate Skiliner is very active when it comes to word-of-mouth advertising for Skiline. He even likes to wear Skiline T-shirts and Skiline long-sleeve shirts (eye-catching colours and cool slogans available from the casual Skiline web store) and presents them with a swell of pride.