Why do I have to enter personal information during registration?

A Skiline account provides access to all Skiline services. In order to offer all our functions in full, we require a few personal details during registration. This helps us ensure that you have a great experience.


Your full name is only displayed on skiline.cc if you set it to “public” in the privacy settings. If you select the “private” option, your username (which can be changed) will be displayed instead of your real name. Names or usernames are displayed for all personal Skiline content, including rankings, videos and photos. Names and usernames are displayed in the search results according to your selected privacy settings.

E-Mail Address

With your e-mail address (or username), you can log in to skiline.cc. Your e-mail address is not visible to the public. For the free use of Skiline Services we need your e-mail address, which is also processed for marketing purposes or passed on to partners of ALTUROS. In addition, you will receive our Skiline newsletter to your registered e-mail address, from which you can unsubscribe at any time in the profile settings or by clicking the unsubscribe link.


To protect your account, we recommend a suitable and secure password. The password must have a length of 4-16 characters. By including numbers and special characters, you can improve the security of your password.

Country and Postal Code

This information is necessary for us to fully offer features such as top 100 rankings. By providing this information, you can better compare yourself with others in your country category.

Date of Birth and Gender

We ask you about your age and gender so that you can fully take advantage of functions such as top 100 rankings. Providing this information allows you to better compare yourself with others in your category. Your date of birth is not displayed or passed on.

If you have any further questions about this, please contact our support team